Profile of the Mayor

On the morning of Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, I had the priviledge of interviewing our new mayor, John McAlister.  My three goals in talking to him were to find out about a conference he attended in Austin last year, to find out where he stands on cycling issues, and just to get to know him a litlte better.  I liked what I learned.

Jeff, Helena, their two sets of twins, and their two family bikes

Helena stopped by to visit me a couple weeks ago with her husband Jeff and their two sets of twin girls.  Helena wanted to show me their new vehicle.

After caring for their young set of twins at home for a few years, she is going back to work, so her family needed a second car.  But instead, they opted for the new Edgerunner Family bike by Xtracycle!  I had to go down and see...