It's a "crash," not an "accident." Time for Vision Zero.

In response to the tragic article about a Los Altos woman who was struck by a motorist and killed, Safe Mountain View founder, Patrick Moore, sent the letter below to the editor of the Mountain View Voice:

Thank you for keeping the community aware of the FOURTH pedestrian/bicyclist death in Mountain View this year.

When driving, we must be aware that there are other vulnerable road users out there. Our kids, our parents, us. 

It is also important that we call the latest CRASH what it is: a CRASH, not an accident. An accident is a random, unpreventable happenstance.

Airline fatalities have dropped to practically zero because the NTSB has investigated every airline crash and found how to stop repeat crashes. 

If the NTSB can prevent repeat crashes with complex machines shuttling millions of people across oceans and mountain ranges, Mountain View city, police and RESIDENTS can do the same and reduce deaths on our streets.

Mountain View needs to follow the footsteps of other cities like San Francisco and adopt Vision Zero - Zero fatalities on our streets. 

This can be achieved with road diets like currently proposed on California Ave. The city should move forward quickly and with resolve on this project and others as well. The singular responsibility of government is keeping its residents safe from preventable harm. Road diets are good for the city and save lives.

We would never accept four murders in Mountain View - why should we accept four preventable deaths either?

This latest death was preventable, lets prevent the next death. 

Patrick Moore