Budget Timeline 2015

In the latest edition of The View, the Budget Calendar below was published.  If you are interested in seeing past sessions, you can go here:  Watch Meetings Online


As the City begins the next fiscal year (FY) budget process, here is a list of important dates.

• January 27 – Council Team Building

• February 10 – Mid-Year Budget Report presented to Council

• February 24 – Study Session #1 to identify Council major goals/high level themes

• March 24 – Study Session for initial review of Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

• April 14 – Study Session #2 to review Council goals

• April 14 – Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Hearings

• April 28 – Narrative Budget Report on the General Operating Fund, Other Major Funds and Reserves

• May 19 – Proposed CIP Study Session

• June 9 – Proposed Budget Public Hearing

• June 16 – CIP Adoption, Utility Rate Hearing (if needed), formal Adoption of Council Goals and Budget Adoption