Letter to City Council about the Bike Transportation Plan

At this week's city council meeting (July 7, 2015), Mountain View's council members review the first draft of the Bike Transportation Plan Update, take public review, and make recommendations.

There are a lot of really great things in the Plan, including a list of about 180 suggestions on how to improve the city's bicycle network, a list of Top Ten Priority Proejcts, and a Fast Five list of quick and easy fixes.  We can't wait to see these suggestions implemented!

AND we would love to see more in the way of policy.  AND we would really like to see the Permanente Creek Trail Feasibility Study look at extending the trail across Central Expressway and the train tracks.  We feel it should look at extending the trail at least to Castro School as a vital school connection for students coming to the Dual Immersion Program from the north side of the city.  Even better - extend it to Los Altos.

So the the several days before the meeting, Safe Mountain View spoke with three of the council members to see if they would share our vision.  To make sure all of the council members heard our ideas, we sent this letter to them the day before the meeting.  Stay tuned for the results of the meeting!