California/Escuela/Shoreline Options Unveiled!

After much anticipation, Nelson Nygaard will be presenting design options for the Complete Streets Study of California Street, Escuela Street, and Shoreline Boulevard.

The Study looks as how to make these three streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Safe Mountain View has been asking for a Median Path along Shoreline Boulevard from Wright Avenue to El Camino, which would pull cyclists away from speedy cars at the Central Expressway onramps and offramp and into a wide, protected median path.  The study does not include a median path as one of it's recommendations, but it does offer some other interesting options.

Options include protected bike lanes, bulb outs, shortened crossing distance for pedestrians, and more.  See all the options in the study here, or come to the B/PAC meeting on Wednesday, August 26th to see the presentation and give input.