VTA Countywide Bike Plan Update

The VTA is updating their Countywide Bicycle Plan and would like to hear your vision for bicycling in Santa Clara County. Three workshops will be held for community members to: 1) learn what the VTA Countywide Bicycle Plan is and what it can do, 2) share where you bike and how trips can to be better, easier, safer, and more connected, and 3) tell VTA how it can improve the bike-transit connection.

Project Schedule

January 2016 – Public Outreach Begins
March 2016 – Public Meetings
May 2016 – July 2016 – Outreach at Community Events
Summer/Fall 2016 – Draft Project List Released
Fall 2016 – Development of Implementation Strategies
Winter 2016/17 – Draft Plan Released for Public Comment
Spring 2017 – Plan Adopted