Cherie Presents Cycletopia at SV Bike Summit 2016

Cherie Walkowiak presents Cycletopia

Cherie Walkowiak presents Cycletopia

by John Scarboro

August 11th at the Silicon Valley Bike Summit 2016 Cherie Walkowiak gave an excellent talk about Cycletopia- the pop-up protected bike lane project she organized in Mountain View.  Her warm and well received talk educated people on protected bike lanes, working with City Hall and putting together large projects with many organizational partners and sponsors.  She told people of how Cycletopia was good for gaining support and gathering input and was designed to be fun for all.  She received many oohs and ahs from the crowd of seasoned biking advocates as they saw pictures from the two Cycletopia events.  Cherie also touched on the challenges of finding a place, space and funding. and how she overcame those challenges with a great team of folks from Safe Mountain View, Great Streets Mountain View and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.  There were several follow up questions and the pop up protected bike lane boxes, made for Cycletopia, featured in, and got good reviews in a later presentation on a similar project in Palo Alto.

Way to go Cherie!

You can see her presentation slides here.