VTA Countywide Bike Plan Update

The VTA is updating their Countywide Bicycle Plan and would like to hear your vision for bicycling in Santa Clara County. Three workshops will be held for community members to: 1) learn what the VTA Countywide Bicycle Plan is and what it can do, 2) share where you bike and how trips can to be better, easier, safer, and more connected, and 3) tell VTA how it can improve the bike-transit connection.

Castro Street Project Moving Full Steam Ahead!

Students at Graham Middle School are one big step closer to having a safe route to school.  The city of Mountain View's Castro Street project includes safety enhancements for both cyclists and pedestrians from El Camino to Miramonte.  The most notable improvements are: protected bike lanes which Safe Mountain View advocated for, blinky lights at crosswalks, and a reduction in speed limit.

If all goes well, here's what happens next:

Great News on Mountain View 's 2015 Bicycle Transportation Plan Update

On November 17th, 2015, Mountain View City Council adopted an updated Bicycle Transportation Plan.  Alta Planning + Design did a great job gathering and incorporating feedback from the community into the plan.  They identified gaps and put together a lengthy list of recommended improvements.  They highlighted the best improvement recommendations in a list of top ten priority projects.  These are big, expensive projects that will have huge impats to the bike network long-term.  They also identified a list of projects that can be implemented quickly and at relatively low cost which will dramatically improve bikeability in the city.  These are called the fast five.

While the above recommendations are fabulous, there were two things Safe Mountain View lobbied hard to get into the Bike Transportation Plan Update:


At the Silicon Valley People's Climate Rally on October 14th, Cherie Walkowiak and John Scarboro gave a talk on the work of Carbon Free Mountain View and the safe bicycling advocacy of Safe Mountain View.  The portion of the talk dealing with carbon free electricity is available on the Carbon Free Mountain View site.  An excerpt of the talk dealing with improving bicycling safety is below: 

It's a "crash," not an "accident." Time for Vision Zero.

In response to the tragic article about a Los Altos woman who was struck by a motorist and killed, Safe Mountain View founder, Patrick Moore, sent the letter below to the editor of the Mountain View Voice:

Thank you for keeping the community aware of the FOURTH pedestrian/bicyclist death in Mountain View this year.

When driving, we must be aware that there are other vulnerable road users out there. Our kids, our parents, us. 

It is also important that we call the latest CRASH what it is: a CRASH, not an accident. An accident is a random, unpreventable happenstance.

Cherie Walkowiak of Safe Mountain View Presents Protected Bikeway Design Guide to BPAC

On August 26, 2015, Cherie Walkowiak of Safe Mountain View presented the Mountain View Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee with a copy of the Federal Separated (AKA Protected) Bike Lane Design Guide.   

Cherie Walkowiak presents the guide to Bruce England, BPAC Chair as BPAC members Marc Roddin and Kalyanaraman Shankari look on.