Our Projects


35 miles of protected bikeways



Protected Bikeways for Graham students





Past Successes

Here's what Safe Mountain View has successfully promoted since our inception in 2013:

Protected Bike Lanes for Graham Middle School Students - City Council has approved City Staff's designs for protected bike lanes in front of Graham Middle School.  The improvements are due to start the first day of summer vacation in 2017 and wrap up around the beginning of school that fall.

Safe Crossing at Shoreline and Wright - people crossing Shoreline Boulevard at Wright Avenue no longer need to worry about left- turning cars running them over in the crosswalk.  Drivers now have to wait their turn.

Protected Bike Lane policy - Fast, busy roads are where cyclists need protection the most.  Mountain View now has a policy that will prefer protected bike lanes on any street with a posted speed limit of 30 mph or greater.

Shoreline Complete Streets Study - Mountain View has studied what it will take to make Shoreline Boulevard safe for all users, which is a switch from its current car-centric design.

Ramp from Shoreline Pedestrian Path to Jackson Street  (blog post courtesy of Janet LaFleur) - you can now easily get to Jackson Street Cul de Sac from the multi-use path along Shoreline Boulevard thanks to a wonderful ramp the city installed.