Mountain View City Council and Staff want your input.  

To report problems with our streets:

  • To report a near-miss, Mountain View Police would like you to contact them on their non-emergency phone: 650-903-6395 so they can include that intersection in their traffic enforcement,

  • A traffic light issue requiring immediate attention, call Mountain View Public Works communication line at: 650-903-6395,

  • Any other issues that need attention can be reported via Ask Mountain View:

Contacting Mountain View City Council

To make bold changes, the Mountain View City Council needs your support.

Directly contacting individual council members and staff is the best way to make a difference. If you have input on a particular agenda item and you want to send a message to the whole council and/or staff before a meeting, send it by Sunday before the Tuesday meeting.

City Council:

For an individual Councilmember’s address, go to the Council Roster and click on that person’s link.

Transportation and Public Works Staff:

Director of Public Works:
Michael Fuller:        

Assistant Director of Public Works:
Jacqueline Solomon:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues:
Nate Baird:        
Helen Kim:        
Ria Lo:              

Traffic Engineers:
Sayed Fakhry:          
Lorenzo Lopez:        
Darwin Galang:      

City Clerk:              

For a full list of advisory bodies and member emails, see roster on city's website here: 

2015 Council and Advisory Body Roster