Cycletopia is our pop-up protected bikeway demonstration.  This is our favorite way to show the good people of Mountain View how safe cycling can be.  We call it Cycletopia because we think cycling in a network of protected bikeways would be utopic.  

Read about our event at Thursday Night Live during the summer of 2014.

Read about our event at the Mountain View Public Library's Bike Fest in May 2014.

Thanks to our friends at Great Streets Mountain View for the articles!

Contact us if you'd like us to do a demonstration bikeway for you in Mountain View, or if you'd like to rent our fold-up planter boxes, easels and posters so you can do a pop-up demonstration in your own city.  Here's our inventory of supplies.  Please order supplies at least two weeks before your event.

FYI: our pop-up bikeway was inspired by the video in this article.  And as this article details, we were not the only ones who were inspired!