35 miles of protected bike lanes in Mountain View

by 2025

We believe bike lanes should be safe enough for children to use, even where the cars are fast and the roads are busy. And especially where the roads lead to child-centric locations like schools and parks.  

Typical bike lanes are not that safe. We believe the safest bike lanes are protected bike lanes, because they physically separate cyclists from motor vehicles, like in this image:

We feel the perfect complement to protected bike lanes are protected intersections.  Together, they make protected bikeways.

Participants in a survey we conducted in 2014 showed overwhelming support for protected bikeways.  When asked where they feel protected bikeways are needed most, the streets people mentioned most were fast, busy streets such as Shoreline Boulevard, El Camino and California.

With this feeback, we tallied all of the roads in Mountain View with a posted speed limit of 30 mph or greater, excluding Freeways, and they total approximately 30 miles. If all those busy, fast roads had protected bike lanes on them, which would make them safe enough even for children, that would be a big, awesome network. Add to that tally: roads with schools and parks on them, and you'd have around 35 miles.

If you, too, would like to see 35 miles of protected bikeways by 2025, please go to our Public Square page (here) and click "Me Too."

35 by '25

(35 miles by year 2025)

Ride on!