Protected Bike Lanes for Graham School Delayed a Year

We were SO excited about the protected bike lanes designed and approved to be built for Graham Middle School students this summer.  We were planning a huge celebratory bike ride at the end of the summer to try out the facilities en masse.

Alas, the festivities will have to wait a year.  The construction has been delayed.

According to a staff memo on May 24th, only one construction company bid to build the project, but the grant funding required at least two bids.  The city is required to open up the bidding process again, but it's too late for the project to be built this summer.  We'll just have to hold our excitement for another year.

We will still ride down Castro Street in front of Graham School for our annual Summer Family Bike Ride and Picnic this year on August 27th at 10am, but rather than a huge celebration, it will be the first installment of a before and after tour.  This year we'll get the "before" pictures, showing how this road needs a change.  Next year we will ride it again for the "after" tour, and see what a difference a bike lane can make.

Please ride with us!  Be part of the movement for kid-safe road designs.  There will be a raffle and free Baskin Robbins ice cream.  : )